This Heart Has No Scars
Laura Langer and Leda Bourgogne
Galerie Italy, Frankfurt
Collaboration by Laura Langer Leda Bourgogne
This heart is of a color with no name
Seedless imprints of one lover's
Hand draws a pattern of repetition
Impossible to decode, too many
Crossings, layers and knots
But this heart needs
Rules to function
Ruptures and heartache
Are the predicament for flow
For redistributional energy
Muscles need training and proteine
Training needs time
Now you learn to fly but they
Don't look
A love once crowned to reign
Is always doomed to fail
This heart has no scars
Just open veins that leak into
Outer space, out-side
And back into the world.
Be ware of this fragility, fertility
And be alive despite the
Rupture love always encomprises
Looking up, looking down
Like in an elevator, stuck
Inbetween two floors
You multiply in this prism
In ambivalence to them
What a fertile transference
If your legs are burning like a hot wire
You can be seen
Like a glowing snake rocking in the dark
Hurdling, shaking
You wait to become the pray
And then, your tiger face, a shimmering mask
Hoovering in front of my eyes and you
Kill those snakes
In my head, which is carried by clouds
In my tar mouth
Wide Open and sorrowful
And moist from unspoken words
Coke and tongues and teeth
Produce chatter
Nonsense is easy, senses are key
Behind the milk glass I see
White spirals running
Up the coral riff
Spinning a path through water
That we will swim
All the way to up an unknown
But promising destination
With me on
A rooftop with no
No sun
No master
Just this whale
Heart pumping
Painting by Laura Langer
Poem by Leda Bourgogne
Laura Langer – Heart
1.– 30. Juli 2017
Galerie Italy
Daimlerstraße 32
60314 Frankfurt