Night of Sleaze and Sorrow
Bluebar, Frankfurt am Main
Exhibition Note by Stefan Cantante

Stefan Cantante, C I WANT U, 2019, pnkjet print on foil. Courtesy: the artist

X always liked this place called Bluebar with its bitter, beautiful bar tables.
It was a place where they felt fine. They were an openminded, challenging wine
drinker with non-binary legs and hot lips. Once, they had even jumped into a
river and saved a victorious artist. That's the sort of person they were.
X walked over to the window and reflected on their smart surroundings.
They saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Y.
Y was a mysterious queen with beautiful eyes and flexible arms. X gulped.
They were not prepared for Y.
As X stepped outside and Y came closer, they could see the knowledgeable
glint in their eyes. Y said, in hushed tones, “I love you and I need an intervention.”
X looked back, even more delighted and still fingering the sexy mirror.
They stared at each other in sorrow, like two mice making out at a very lovely
opening, which had techno playing in the background and two bold uncles crying to the beat.
“I feel the same way!” revealed X with a delighted grin. Y looked ecstatic, their emotions transpiring.
Then they both went inside for a nice glass of potion.

Alicja Wysocka, Self Kisses, 2019, red lipstick on mirrors. Courtesy: the artist

Isis, 2019, performance documentation. Courtesy: the artist

Seyoung Yoon, 'See You in Flesh' Bra, 2018, fabric, site-specific support. Courtesy: the artist

Valerie Franco, A Transmutable Substance, 2019, engraved wood. Courtesy: the artist

Night of Sleaze and Sorrow
16 February 2019
Bogdan Ablozhnyy, Stefan Cantante, Valerie Franco, Isis, K-K, Gabi von Lindenberg, Federica Partinico, François Pisapia, Andrew Wagner, Alicja Wysocka, Seyoung Yoon
invited by
Sebastjan Brank and Stefan Cantante
Alte Gasse 34
60313 Frankfurt am Main