Samantha Bohatsch
in isolation
Artist text by Samantha Bohatsch
For the exhibition 'Body. Gaze. Power' at Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Samantha Bohatsch created the audio-visual work BB which is installed in the Roman bath ruins on site. Since the exhibition is currently closed due to the pandemic, PASSE-AVANT collaborated with Kunsthalle Baden-Baden and invites the artist to work on an online version of her performance.
I'm deep down
the pressure is growing
I'm losing my senses
my shape is melting
losing its borders
becoming fluid
to seal its fate
I look outside the window
and see the day fading
I get ready
to meet you at the pool
my longing is burning
my lips are salty
my body is stretching
come closer to me
your armor lays on the ground
around your soft throat
a satin scarf
the motion of light
on your skin
your soft shape
you look at me
my darling one
the oil is dripping from my body
your hair is dark and soft and wet
it falls down your back
in waves
our wooden platform shoes
are clattering
on the stone floor
the water is hot
and deep blue
it glows softly
we swim
das Wasser läuft an meinen Schultern herab
unsere Zehenspitzen
berühren fast den Boden
das Wasser umschliesst uns
umhüllt uns
wir tauchen unter
kleine Wellen
schlagen über unseren Köpfen zusammen
the reflections in the water
lines are bending
connecting on the surface
what was solid
becomes soft and amorphous
a net of colors and lines
we lay deep in each others arms
my hands run down your hips, your thighs
I feel the softness and strength
you enclose my fingers
I feel the soft pulse
I am crazy for you
our molecules
arrange themselves
in a new way
I forget
where you start
and where I end
our outlines are fading
the most beautiful thing in the world
is what you love

wir liegen Seite an Seite
unsere Schultern berühren sich
ich fasse deine Hand
und sinke in meine Träume
they say
this is like Sodom and Gomorrah
for me
it is the best place I could be
Samantha Bohatsch (born 1984, Berlin) lives and works in Berlin. Her reading performances, sound pieces, texts, prints and installations are about fictional female protagonists who are confronted with internal or external resistances and try to overcome them. They are hybrids of personal experiences, observations from the internet, queer and feminist literature, history and pop culture. Her work has been shown at Kunsthalle Baden-Baden (D); CAN, Neuchâtel (CH); Bob's Pogo Bar/ KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin; Forum Stadtpark, Graz (AT) and Kunstverein Reutlingen (D). She has been honored with artist fellowships by the Federal State Baden-Württemberg (D), the Arts Foundation Baden-Württemberg (D) and the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

Körper. Blicke. Macht – Eine Kulturgeschichte des Bades
7 March - 21 June
Kunsthalle Baden-Baden
Lichtentaler Allee 8a
76530 Baden-Baden